Com is a free interactive live webcam chat site for adults where you can chat either via microphone or text chat.

This is both optional and voluntary but the benefits are that you have an icon displayed next to your name denoting you as female.

This means that there will be no disputes as to your gender.

Ideally, the money you spend for the trial period would permit you full access to everything within the members’ area. Some sites put limitations on what you can stream and download when you take the trial option. Some sites record the amount of bandwidth that you use and put a cap on it, which limits you from downloading anything else.

Other sites restrict you so you can only see what you are missing out on without really giving you access to anything.

With the movie Befikre hitting theatres, the google search on 'je taime' has increased exponentially.

But when you say the words in French they conjure up a world beyond their ordinary English counterparts.

Streaming/downloadable ‘movies’ of each girl’s body of work (Quick Time, Real Player, Windows Media Player-formatted) are relatively short, and play out like the coming attractions for the type of flicks you’ll see being played in the early hours of most premium cable channels.

With a strong resemblance to homemade music videos paired with heavy, distorted Speed Metal/Industrial soundtracks (provided by bands such as the legendary Ministry) we’re only really given a small’dose of the free fetish chat room girls’firing off’round after round, rolling around in the’dirt, or fighting with bad guys in one typical warzone set-up or another’but, they’re naked!

You don't even need a web cam to chat here but it is much more fun if you do.