Generals, Master Sergeants and then they can't answer basic questions such as "where were you stationed in the US before you deployed?"I asked one guy if he is regular Army or National Guard. Thank goodness I smelled TWO RATS and did some google searching. As the conversation always begins he is widower, works on an oil rig, has a 20 year old daughter and he needs me to buy him a ITunes card for 100.00 so he can talk to his daughter as he is unable to get an ITunes card being out on the oil rig.

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Something's they say sound true because they look up everything on the internet. Felix Apin the usual chat up lines told them both I’m married, Happy not in the mood for another scammer, but this one never gave up. Shortly after being dumped by him as I wasn’t cooperative in helping with his demands. I told him I was sick of being chatted up and to leave me alone. This one says he is "General Robert", name is Robert campbell (Robertcampbell57).

I asked questions from the beginning and some of these guys answers were right, but they look up everything on the internet, at times he would take long to text , as he was looking things I asked up on the internet. Never send a dime to anyone you never met, I didn't and never would, please don't fall for all the lovy dovy crap, I did until he asked for itunes cards and Western Union. Every week I get someone asking to play looking for a hook up and several of them are using someone’s identity. When I tap report abuse on WWF it just circles but never connects. One was "Alex Martin," looked like Jon Hamm, works for United Nations and wanted to know everything about me. Next was someone impersonating John Sopko, Inspector General for the rebuilding of Afghanistan. Drove me mad chatting either on WWF or on hangouts. Steven Smiles appears as an army general in the peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan. Photo is of Army General John F Campbell (retired).

The stolen pic was found online confirming our fears, so take care ladies, if it looks too good to be true and sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scammer or sleeze 😜 This is the newest one for me. It's sick that they prey on women who just want to play an innocent game of WWF lol Came back to play WWF and can't enjoy playing anymore for all the scammers wanting to talk in Hangouts. Hasn't asked for $ yet so I'll stay tuned for that! I have just discovered this site and am amazed at how many of these scammers there are, all with different names but the same story. He sent me photos (which I have) of a very handsome man.

He is widowed, wife and daughter died in a car crash and he has one son Kelvin who is in a boarding school in Vegas. Tip: set your settings on your WWF's so your not getting asked to play someone new. They are either widowed, one child, poor english, working in peace missions or engineers. They just change their names and come back with a new list. All work on an oil rig off Mexico or in the army in Afghanistan with dead wife and son/daughter in boarding school. In one photo he was holding up a piece of paper with my name on it declaring his love for me.

Presented himself as a "General" but not "Inspector General." Could not answer basic questions about Afghanistan including what time zone it's in. Wanted me to accept a parcel of gold , which was a definite no. Another one wanting me to pay for a dating site and set up his profile. Disappeared as soon as I said my boyfriend is a retired Marine, who served in Iraq.

Got mad when I didn't express attraction and resigned the game. Then pay for sons medical fees which I have a photo of his conversation asking for money. I guess he didn't want anyone with any real knowledge of the military.

Zynga really needs to do a better job of vetting its players. Trust me, ladies, *real* Generals stationed on a peace-keeping mission in Syria are NOT trying to pick you up on line!

Some of us take it seriously and just want to play. His name is Christof Daniel or Daniel Christof, it just depends on the day.

He told me there is no regular and no national (his words).

It is all one army and can be deployed to anywhere in the world.

Wants to retire to England but has to clear personal belongings and money in "chestbox" which the "Authorities" will not release until a charge is paid. I don't know what can be done to persuade gullible and naïve women to scent a scam. I met him on Word Chums, oil rigger, wife died four yrs ago, 10 yr old son in a boarding school, going to nigeria for a contract, asked me for i Tunes cards, and go to Western Union to get Packages to send to him in Nigeria.