I should be able to talk to bae whenever I damn well please. Nick wasn't off, though, so I was just hanging out with my phone, bored.A fun thing I did to preoccupy myself, as a young basic twentysomething does, was take a shit ton of selfies. Since it was earlier than our usual phone call time, I was able to call him back when I forgot to tell him something. that morning for work, and when I called him at 10, he was already asleep.

my boyfriend have been dating 8 years-34

I gushed about our dinner plans to any innocent bystander. (I did, and it didn't.)When the train pulled in, I ran to the spot where I told Nick to meet me. How clever we were, to meet at a train station without Nick had to work that afternoon, and we made plans for him to pick me up after his shift so we could go out with friends.

I have never been so excited for a doorbell to ring.

Nick usually texts me when he's on his way, and again when he's here — it's amazing what the element of surprise can do for a relationship.

I haven't felt that much anticipation for a date in, well, maybe ever?

I ended up calling him back three times after we hung up, but the same amount of talking we normally do via text ended up being rather aggressive via phone. If this had been any other night, I would have been upset, but I went to bed happy because in the morning I knew I'd wake up to that "good morning" text I had missed.

Before this all started, I joked with Nick about what would happen if we realized we hated talking to each other all day and life is way better without texting.

I sat on my 40-minute train ride from New Jersey into New York City feeling miserable and making a mental list of things I wanted to tell Nick. Like how I loved the new latte macchiato from Starbucks and he needed to try it. Work was crazy, and I desperately wanted to shoot him a quick text to fill him in on my day. I got home at and had 45 minutes to eat dinner, shower, and get ready for work the next morning before I would Marcia- Brady-style get my flirt on on the phone.

I texted other friends more than usual to compensate for not texting Nick. Without a text documenting his morning, how could I know if he was on his way to work or already there? By noon, I'd forgotten half the things I wanted to tell him. We talked for an hour and 15 minutes, about the stuff on my list, and about the coming weekend, and that's where things got scary.

Because he was shown no love as a child- he shows me absolutely no affection-never tells me he loves me-but then expects sex at the end of the night. I would love to see what everyone has to say about this. He used to show affection and put thought into gifts for holidays-birthdays.

I guess after writing all of this its obvious what I should do, but I'm still can't make up my mind. Thanks so much Helpless in NJ How'd you manage a relationship without being shown affection while being treated rudely for eight to nine years? If so, I'd suggest at least finding your own place so that the stress isn't in your face constantly. but this year I didnt even get a valentines day gift.

This week was proving to be a memory test that I was completely failing. As someone in an eight-year relationship, I clearly don't have commitment issues, but goddamn, committing to a Friday night plan 24 hours in advance was giving me anxiety. He would leave work a little late and pick me up from the station, then we'd go to dinner. I told him to meet me in his signature parking spot, and that if he doesn't see me get off of the then I'd be there at . I spent the whole day ridiculously excited to see Nick. " Nick was smiling and waving across the street, and I sprinted through traffic, smiling like a lunatic.