Later in the day Kamerin Moore revealed how both she and her brother were sexually abused by the doctor after their father passed away.By the end of the day, 117 victim impact statements had been read in court, with at least another 27 to go on Tuesday.

'Don't tell us how you and God have made amends or how you are different. You can help others, and if you do help my sisters, it might help earn my forgiveness.' The teenager also pointed out that Nassar was going to be lving a far better life than he deserved after this trial.'I know, and Nassar knows, that in federal prison he will be fed, he will clothed and he’ll be provided actual medical treatment,' said Miller.'Don’t get too excited, Larry.

You’ll probably never talk to a woman again except for one holding a gun, a taser, and a billy club, which is a good thing.'Miller maintained her composure throughout the statement, which was the 95th of the hearing.

When she was finished speaking, Judge Aqualina said: 'You are not damaged, you are never damaged, the defendant is the damaged one.'Clasina Syroby said she was abused by Nassar in the early 90s, and described having 'sleepless nights, days of feeling nauseous and more tears than I care to admit' because of his assaults.

She took some time to gather herself before beginning her remarks, which also took aim at MSU and USA Gymnastics.

She then made a point of thanking her husband for being 'her rock.' Whitney Mergens was abused twice at the age of 11, with Nassar winning her over when he presented her with a signed postcard from the female members of the 2008 Olympic team.

Mergens never revealed the abuse to her parents, however, until 2016, after the first reports began to emerge about Nassar.

The MSU alum also stated: 'I gladly say good-bye Lou Anna Simon, your time as president is over.'When she was done speaking, those present gave her a standing ovation.

Marta Stern had planned to remain anonymous, but changed her mind at the last second on Monday to face Nassar while delivering her statement.'You destroyed my ability to trust,' said Stern, who is eight months pregnant and 'paralyzed with fear' that she might not be able to protect her daughter.

She also said in her statement that her husband must make loud noises before entering a room so he does not scare her, and described leaving her body and becoming emotionally withdrawn when Nassar would abuse her at appointments.'Your monstrous actions took away so much, from so many,' said Stern.