The FBI is seeking information regarding the whereabouts of Antwan Tamon Mims, a convicted felon and known gang member.

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Well guys, we just had another new 2018 Motorcycle Model Lineup Announcement from Honda and now it’s time to break down those models and go over the nitty-gritty details behind each of them. Now, lets get to what you came here for and that’s the 2018 Honda Fury…

We’re not done with new motorcycles from Honda for 2018 though as we’ve got (2) more model announcements taking place within the next two months. The 1st major manufacturer production chopper introduced into the motorcycle market dating back to 2010.

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A Texas building contractor who was handed a nearly 22-year sentence in absentia for his million mortgage fraud scheme received additional prison time upon his return to the U. Mims is wanted for his alleged involvement in the murder of two individuals.

The Fury is still a bargain even with the 0 price increase though, but why is that?

When introduced back in 2010, the Fury had an MSRP of ,390 so essentially you’re still saving ,000 !

Its raked-out styling, based round a high-mount steering head, long, slim fuel tank and ultra-low seat grabs attention from every angle.