Then bitch about Farrah for getting loads of surgery...

In all reality, Maddy probably shaved her hairline to try and conceal her widow's peak and didn't think it was going to look as horrible as it does.

Ok, but regardless of whether she shaved it herself or had a hairdresser do it, it looks bad.

Cody comes to visit one more time and things are awkward but Maddy never kept the baby from him, which made me happy that she wasn't trying to be a selfish teen and use the baby as bait.

Currently, Cody hasn't seen Aubrey in 4 months and he allegedly has a second child as well. I'm interested in the dynamic between these two at the reunion show, and the dynamic between Maddy and Cody's family.

Maddy ended up pregnant from this one night stand, and now she's having a baby with some guy she's hung out with like 6 times in her whole life.

Maddy's episode starts out with her talking to her mom about how the house is overcrowded and how there isn't enough room for Maddy and her daughter to live there.It's a nose, there is nothing wrong with it, who gets to say what a nose should look like? As long as someone doesn't make me want to punch them in the head just for showing their face in a place where I can see it, I say live and let live. I don't want to spend the rest of my life watching women try to turn themselves into present day Janice Dickinson.I swear there will be a whole generation of women with trout pouts and bad boob jobs and gigantic ass implants and permafrozen Botox faces.Maddy and Cody seem to try to get along but there isn't any chemistry between them and they're always bickering about whether or not the baby will have Cody's last name or Maddy's.A few weeks later, Maddy gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Aubrey Lynn and Cody is there for the whole thing.Obviously something occurred with the intense bleaching and this chick probably fried the widows peak part of her hairline off so they just shaved it and it's growing back.