Other highlights include “Fern Dell” and her collaboration with Lori Mckenna, “Everblue”. The man had grappled with a brain tumor for goodness sakes!

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I’m not really clear on who owns the rights to the name “Asia” but there seems to be an agreement that Payne can still use the name “Asia” as long as it’s followed by “featuring John Payne”.

Personally, I’d rather see Payne break free of the Asia name altogether and just focus on his other band GPS (which includes Guvan and Jay Schellen) but it seems that concert promoters are more willing to put up the money for a band called “Asia” than the lesser known “GPS” even though Payne, Guvan and Schellen play in both bands.

but for a rock record, there’s no better way to capture a band in action.

Oh and I gotta give kudos to producer Andy Johns and engineer Mike Fraser.

He has gained a bit a weight, lost the recognizable quality in his voice and is now a born-again Christian.

In fact, Gramm’s most recent album, The Lou Gramm Band is what you would classify as a “Christian Rock” album.I believe a lot of the credit has to go to Mike Viola.The melodies, the chord progressions and instrumentation are very well done here.I’m pretty sure Moore had some opposition when she decided to turn her back on being a “Britney-clone” to immerse herself in the retro-realm of 70’s singer/songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Harry Nilsson.You could just imagine all of her advisors setting up Jasminlive meetings with pie-charts and graphs displaying the vast decrease in media exposure by not going the pop-princess route.But after Wild Hope in 2007 and now her most recent album, Amanda Leigh, she has proven to me that she has been pretty sincere about her influences.