The ordinance requires developers to pay a linkage fee prior to issuance of a building permit.

France has hosted 6 times, three each in summer and winter.

The IOC’s unprecedented move of essentially awarding two Games in tandem turned the spotlight on security challenges facing the French capital while giving Los Angeles, which last hosted the Olympics 33 years ago, ample time to upgrade its public transportation system.

Therefore, all of the phasing dates in this posting assume the City’s designated effective date of February 17, 2018.

LOS ANGELES/ PARIS (Reuters) - Paris moved within a hair’s breadth on Monday of formally being chosen to host the 2024 Summer Olympics after rival candidate city Los Angeles agreed to accept the consolation prize of the 2028 Games in a rare two-way contest between the cities.

Diane Cannon; Shary Layne; Tracy Morgan; Mayor Norris Poulson (receiving a black book from L. Hargraves, Lord Mayor of Adelaide).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Mitchell.

47/48/2: L to R: Diane Cannon; Shary Layne; Tracy Morgan; Mayor Norris Poulson, giving letters to the girls to deliver to mayor's [Sic.] of Latin America, and receiving a black book from L.

“I am proud to announce that the Olympic Games are coming back to the United States of America,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told a news conference at the Stub Hub Center sports complex in suburban Carson. “I am confident that the Summer Games in Los Angeles will exemplify both the Olympic ideal and the American spirit, and we look forward to hosting them,” he said.

The United States has hosted the Olympics 9 times - 5 Summer Games and 4 Winter Games.

The ordinance also exempts certain projects or portions of projects from the linkage fee requirements, and applies deductions or credits to assessed linkage fees for certain projects or portions of projects.

Among others, linkage fee requirements do not apply to: Linkage fees will be adjusted annually for inflation, and will also be adjusted every five years (starting from July 1, 2018) based on a new market area analysis to be undertaken by the City and HCIDLA.

Linkage fee requirements will be phased in over time after the ordinance takes effect.[1] Developers who submit building permit or entitlement applications within 4 months of the ordinance’s effective date will not be required to pay any linkage fee.