In fact, according to the Natural Disaster Risk Index, Indonesia is the world’s second most dangerous nation regarding natural catastrophes after Bangladesh.

Terrorism is only supported by a extremely tiny minority, and you will realize that Indonesia is not the dark, dangerous country some medias are trying to describe.

Jakarta is often dirty and not always very hygienic. If you are fragile, or if you are travelling with children or elderly people, I would advise you to be prepared to be in a hostile environment.

It is usually low value items (in my situation, I had all my cleaning products disappearing…), but very annoying.

To avoid any problems, look for staff that has been recommended to you by fellow expats, and pay them more than average.

This is the company that not only brings beauty to doors, but also opens them.

Many people ask me if Jakarta is a dangerous city or not.

All you can do is cross your finger and hope that everything will be OK. It happened in Jakarta and Bali, and even though the government is very active in fighting terrorists, we cannot ignore that new bombings could happen again in Jakarta/Indonesia in the future.

The targets of terrorists have always been places frequented by expats, like embassies, night clubs, restaurants or 5-star hotels.

I tend to think that it is very safe because after living four years here, I’ve never had a problem except for a few very minor annoyances.