Starting on the right foot with a customer sets the stage for a positive chat, but a curt or unenthused greeting can put a client on edge.

We all know the power of a great first impression, so use the scripts below to treat each new chat greeting like a real-life introduction.

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Reaching out to a customer proactively is a waste if you don’t have the right words.

Like a sales associate in a department store, you want to strike a balance between helpfulness and respect.

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To help you make your decision, we’ve broken up our list by categories, so click the links below to jump to the section that’s most relevant to your wants and needs.

The key to asking for personal information is to establish trust.

Handle your information requests seamlessly with the following scripts, and customers will know they’re in good hands.

Sometimes requesting a screen share is the best way to assist a customer.

Unfortunately, it’s similar to stepping inside someone’s living room—a customer’s computer is a private space that may not be ready for visitors.

It can be hard to say no—after all, your job is to help a customer and to be as positive as you possibly can, right?