By 1630 Derry was the largest settlement in Ulster and had a population of 500 adult males and was similar insize to Boston, which in 1640 had a population of 1,200.In 1637, the surveyor-general of customs noted that the Scots heavily outnumbered the English in Derry.The following seventeenth century records are included in this volume for the city of Derry/Londonderry:- - the 1619 Inquisition, - 1622 Muster Roll - 1628 Rent Roll - 1630 Muster Roll (599 names) - 1642 Muster Rolls (9 companies) - 1654/6 Civil Survey, 1659 Census - 1663 Hearth Money Roll - as well as numerous miscellaneous records including; Corporation records (Governors, Mayors, Aldermen, Sheriffs), lists of merchants and seamen linked to the port of Derry, Gravestone Inscriptions from the seventeenth century, siege records, Summonister (court) records (1611-1670), Will indexes (1600-1700), original will abstracts, and a list of Derry voters from 1697. A Hons; Economic and Social History (Queen’s University, Belfast). This is the third volume in the Scots-Irish Origins Series.

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The colony planted by Dowcra was predominantly English in character but during the reign of James I increasing numbers of Scots from surrounding areas such as Rathmelton and Raphoe (Donegal) crowded into the new town searching for work.

Trade links with Scotland were strong especially with the ports on the western seaboard.

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After Dowcra, the British stayed in the northwest and by the early seventeenth century Derry had become a frontier settlement at the heart of the Ulster Plantation scheme.