Frankie requires detailed information about everyone in the database.

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Aside from being intuitive she is a licensed psychologist with years of experience in the field. Frankie and her staff handpicks every client introduction and makes sure they are connecting solid, grounded, quality people who share similar relationship goals. Frankie will possibly contact you when she is working with a compatible client.

If you indicate you only wish to be included in her database as a possible match for a client, you may or may not be contacted by Dr. If you indicate in your profile that you are interested in becoming a matchmaking or coaching client, Dr.

Frankie offers coaching clients a 6 session contract. Some clients consider success to be improving their dating and social skills and connecting with other attractive, like-minded women. Frankie guarantees every client that she will work her hardest to provide them with a memorable, enjoyable experience that will enrich their lives.

This contract includes six 50 minute sessions that are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly depending on the client’s needs (unless other arrangements have been made). Frankie and the client may discuss if additional coaching sessions would be helpful to the client. Some clients want nothing less than a life-partner. Frankie works tirelessly to provide every client with an enjoyable experience during which they expand their social circle, meet high-quality and desirable women, and enjoy themselves. Frankie’s client retention-rate is extraordinarily high. Humans are complex, often complicated beings and it is simply impossible to guarantee a romantic connection. It’s imperative to have a good connection with the matchmaker you select.

For example, do you live in the Midwest but frequently travel to San Francisco for business? Perhaps the woman of your dreams lives in the same town and has already submitted her confidential profile. Frankie directly to discuss whether she has the ability provide matchmaking services to your specific location. Frankie will do her best to evaluate every situation on a case-by-case basis. Frankie or her consultant has with a possible client introduction. Frankie prefers to hold consultations in person, however depending upon ones location and other logistical considerations, it can be conducted via Skype. It is also an opportunity to discuss how Little Gay Book professional matchmaking differs from a traditional lesbian dating service. Frankie for matchmaking, details about the process will be discussed in greater detail and the possibility of working together will be explored. Frankie Bashan provides dating and relationship coaching for clients all over the United Stated and internationally via Skype. Frankie directly at [email protected], or 415.990.2929. Yes, although you can delete your profile at any time, Dr.

This is the initial meeting between a potential matchmaking client and Dr. If the consultation was scheduled to see if you and a client would enjoy meeting, that would be decided and steps would be taken to coordinate an introduction. Frankie recommends that instead you send her an email labeling it “inactive”.

Frankie holds herself and her employees to the highest ethical standards and treats their personal information with the utmost discretion. Success can be measured in many ways depending upon the clients with whom I am working.

Because profound change and improvement in one’s quality of life does not happen overnight, Dr. For some clients it means being introduced to a greater number of interesting, smart, and accomplished women than they were able to meet on their own.

She prides herself on her professionalism and dedication to provide the highest possible service to her clients.

In order to do this she must maintain the privacy of her clients and members of her database.

Frankie will make her best effort to contact you directly.