The board hired another deputy executive director Friday: Vincent Thomas, who will come to the PPA from the Baltimore Parking Authority.

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Petri was not trying to do a favor for the board, said Martin O’Rourke, the PPA spokesman, but was seeking to give the authority more of a regional scope.

“The concept was based on the regionalism,” O’Rourke said, “and it was also for parity because every other parking authority in the commonwealth does not restrict board membership to that city.” Gym expected Petri would meet with City Council when he assumes the PPA’s top job.

“I think it’s emblematic of why the Parking Authority cannot be left to govern itself.” Last year Petri sponsored a bill that would allow PPA board members to live outside Philadelphia. Wolf, but Petri argued at the time the legislation would opportunities for engagement with the PPA for suburban communities.

Gym, though, sees Petri as trying to do a favor for board members and getting a job in return.

The PPA’s board was called an “absentee landlord” that didn’t properly police the agency’s top executive.

That mismanagement, De Pasquale said, cost the city and the Philadelphia School District thousands of dollars the PPA was required to pay to both entities under the requirements of its charter.

She said she wanted to see him improve collection rates on unpaid violations and change hiring and contracting practices.

She was unconvinced, though, that the PPA could make meaningful changes with its existing management structure and recommended an independent oversight board.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority on Friday named a new executive director, a Bucks County Republican who pledged to use a pair of recently released, highly critical state audits on the agency as a blueprint for change.

“My role will be to question everything we do, why we do it, and are we obtaining the best result,” State Rep.

Among those steps was an order passed Friday to post all contracts on the PPA’s website.