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Hanging around this crowd is usually unhealthy at almost every level. They’re almost always looking for a non-op, pre-op. ((hugs)) end up with a closeted cross dressing guy at some point during her love journey. You have to be almost flawless to perpetuate the myth. It’s a huge risk to your heart and physical well-being if he finds out later. Earlier on, some lesbians fought trans-girl connections from a feminist perspective.

Also, continual trans-trans associations tend to promulgate the worst habits of trans-women - like a bad head-cold that keeps getting passed around a close-knit office. That can hurt - since these same guys were often the most accepting, attentive, and caring partners they encountered encounter. When a man’s being I’ve known more thaw one post-op TS women into men that reached a point where they didn’t tell men they dated about being trans. The most important caveat to success in dating women lesbian women is that you possess almost no residual male edge when it comes to love and communication.

I’m a big fan of pre-op, earlier stage gals moving beyond any life within “trans-world” ASAP in their journey.

However, for a single, post-op, heterosexual transsexual woman? There’s a growing contingent of these ladies that embrace the idea of a transsexual partner.

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Our site has hundreds of thousands of members waiting for your message.It is possible to use our site for free (hundreds of thousands of people do) so why not give it a try first? Create Your Free Profile and Get Instant Access to Local Ladyboys Who Want to Share Life and Love With a Serious Mate. Find Out Now and See Who's Ready to Find Long-Term Happiness With You Today!Granted, those roles are less pronounced than they were previously - but make no mistake: fundamentally? My dear friend Alice - now ten years post-op struggled with this issue when it came to dating lesbians.While her natural loving orientation was “femme” = the more nurturing, passive, pillow princess role…her - was almost exclusively towards these same, more feminine lesbian examples.Lesbian women can be very discerning in this regard.