But just like the painting that inspired it, this gorgeous novel is about so much more.

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He thought I wouldn’t like the way he portrayed me: dragging myself across the field, fingers clutching dirt, my legs twisted behind. That dilapidated house in the distance, looming up like a secret that won’t stay hidden." To Christina Olson, the entire world is her family farm in the small coastal town of Cushing, Maine.

The only daughter in a family of sons, Christina is tied to her home by health and circumstance, and seems destined for a small life.

His other starring roles have included the comedy-drama film Swimming with Sharks (1994), the psychological thriller Seven (1995), the neo-noir crime film L. Confidential (1997), the drama Pay It Forward (2000), the science fiction-mystery film K-PAX (2001), the musical biopic Beyond the Sea (2004), the superhero film Superman Returns (2006) and the action film Baby Driver (2017).

In Broadway theatre, Spacey won a Tony Award in 1991 for his role in Lost in Yonkers. He was the artistic director of the Old Vic theatre in London from 2004 until stepping down in mid-2015.

Secondly, when their kids were young, they kept the marriage the top priority, making a point to be alone together and have date nights.

"It's the foundation on which everything is built," said Sedgwick.

Instead, she becomes Andrew Wyeth’s first great inspiration, and the subject of one of the best-known paintings of the twentieth century, is a powerful story of the flesh-and-blood woman behind the portrait, her complicated relationship to her family and inheritance, and how artist and muse can come together to forge a new and timeless legacy.

With remarkable precision and compassion, A PIECE OF THE WORLD transports us to a mid-century farmhouse on the coast of Maine.

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