He has invested in a few properties in Austin, Texas and hopes to make this a second career.Jordan is known for his smooth and effortless styling, signature moves, and innovative and unique choreography.

During that partnership, they were the youngest couple to win a NASDE event in the Showcase Division.

In 2000, he formed a partnership with Tatiana, and the rest is history.

At the UCWDC World’s event they were given the Star Award for the Couple with the Most Impact on Swing, and Jordan won Best Swing Choreographer.

They have won Swing Couple of the Year for 5 years straight on the web site: & Tatiana have won Fox TV’s “30 Seconds to Fame,” appeared twice on CBS TV’s “Star Search,” danced in the motion picture “The Polar Express”, won “America’s Best Dance Couple” on ABC TV’s “Good Morning America,” and had speaking roles and danced in the movie “Love ‘N Dancing.” They travel 47 out of 52 weekends per year, competing and teaching packed workshops all across the USA and Internationally.

He is a perfectionist and self-proclaimed "Workaholic." Always the professional, the community sees him as a responsible person, and role model to the youth.

His hobbies include volleyball, scuba diving, body boarding, sports cars and seeing and experiencing the world.That pretty girl, Olivia Dasso, later became his first dance partner.He then had a successful partnership with Jessica Cox for three years.Jordan majored in Business and Entrepreneurship during his college years at LBCC AND CSULB.He followed up with extensive classes in Real Estate Investing, as well as Loans and Finance.They are Certified Teachers in the Golden State Dance Teacher’s Association.