Something that is normal or understood in our culture, could be troubling to girls in a different one.

Realise that you might never fully understand a new language or exactly how to make their favourite dish, but enjoy being introduced to these elements of your partner’s life.

Lastly, dating someone who has vastly different beliefs means you may open yourself up to disappointment if you don’t decide to talk about these things early on.

When dating Japanese women, at some point you may encounter some relationship turbulence due to differences in culture.

It could be something simple like differences in table manners, to something more complex like social values and opinions.

I wasn’t after the sugar-coated bullshit you find on the TV or magazines, but some real feedback, and the good and bad.

With this quick little survey, I hoped to get an idea of where we come in when compared to Japanese men.

If they need time to understand certain areas of your culture, don’t be frustrated; instead be happy that they’re open to learning so much about you.

Likewise, if you’re the one being introduced to new cultural etiquette, be open, accepting and ask lots of questions.

The group of Japanese girls we interviewed said: Foreign men frequently boast about their past glories, heroic stories, talents, achievements, and their conquests with women.

We understand that talking themselves up and having confidence is an important method of self-appeal.

During a long-ish relationship, there definitely will be something that you just don’t agree on. But it’s a two-way street and the same goes for Japanese girls dating foreigners too.