I have yet to come across a forum or tutorial that does a good job covering this subject so I tried to cover all the bases here.

internet explorer not updating favicon-53

If you aren't able to make it work, please leave everything around your favicon in your Yola account as it is now, so our specialists can investigate. Hello Darren I think what might be the reason it doesn't work is that Internet Explorer struggles to interprete favicons which don't have the format.

Or if the ico file was created by renaming a gif or jpg, use the following site to auto convert the original image file into an ico file: uploading the new ico file, delete the previous file and clear the IE cache. If I see it correctly, the file type of your favicon is instead of

[1] and how would IE update an Icon if the corresponding website does so?

[2] This would be easy to understand if on every website visit, but what if I load a file of more than 100 Favourites Links?

I found that use of as file name seems to be more reliable than giving it an alternate name.

During my crash course I noted that if I included the line in head section of a page that was located in a sub directory the icon would not appear unless I added the ico file to that folder.

Suggestions; - Remove the icon file that was not converted if any - Reload your converted icon file to server root or public html (keep name favicon.ico) - Create new page in same directory as file without adding the link to head section.

(At this point your icon should appear on all browsers if you load the page) - Now add the link to head section of your new page and refresh(Result will be same as above) - At this point if all has not worked as described then your icon is an issue, may need to be smaller size. The page you were working with that caused you to post here.

So far, I avoided the favicon getting cached by most browsers through this: // Chrome allows you to simply tweak the HREF of the LINK tag.

// Firefox appears to require that you remove it and readd it. I think the issue is that IE11 doesn't want to look for a new favicon and is using a locally cached one. See the answer by Alex here: How do I force a favicon refresh You should be able to get the new favicon showing on your device on IE11 by following those steps.

- Refresh the page again (If no icon in IE now your document is in a sub directory.