Jealousy drove Montomery to shoot Barret dead in the work car park. " The Internet Revolution, Globalization, and the Global Financial Crisis created the perfect storm...

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organized crime gangs and cyber-criminals plan on getting a piece of the action with their Internet Dating Scams.

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Naturally, this scam also occurs from numerous other poorer, under developed countries like the Philippines, Asia, Africa and South America. Because meeting the wrong person online can cost you plenty... This relationship was compromised when a fellow work mate of Montgomery's, 22-year-old Brian Barret, also got involved online with "Jessi".

We finally decided to meet at a public restaurant, and we both drove separately, and I was really hoping this would turn out all right.

We felt instantly at ease, talked smoothly all through dinner, and had a really great reality, they were communicating with someone behind these Internet Dating Scams who really looked more like this. You need to be aware that Nigerian Scams are run by well organized, smart and ruthless criminals.One of the biggest Nigerian Scams snared a director of Brazilian Banco Noroeste who between 1995-1998 transferred US2 million to scammers (0 million was later recovered). With an endless supply of photos of stunning, sexy young women it's no wonder Russian Dating Scams showing phony "Svetlana"s, "Alena"s and "Sofiya"s are breaking hearts and draining bank accounts around the world.I was browsing through the internet dating sites, and came across a few men that interested me.I was sending emails back and forth to several of them, taking my time to get to know them, and one by one they all fell to the wayside.The availability of the internet and e-mail has seen Nigerian Scams go global to become Nigeria's third top ranking export industry.