But don't lose your soul trying to change or help someone else. You are not a martyr and cannot chang someone else, if they don't want to be changed. Sometimes losing their lives,kids and everything in the process. If someone does not believe that the bible is truth, why would they believe in the Jesus taught in the bible.

candace and Angel, neither of you is the Holy Spirit.

However, there is a saying, "We are the only Bible some people will read.

Jesus did not make the firey hell nor the blissful heaven in vain.

atheist, but your God is not imaginary, for he has physically manifested himself a little over 2,000 years ago in Judea, named Jesus Christ Almighty, he was recorded to have been seen, heard, and felt by both atheists and theists alike.

Let me suggest that you open your eyes and ears to the truth and stop hiding yourself in foolishness. It is also more loving to actually listen to the person and try to understand them. Only God knows the future with certain and his Bible records many instances of this certainty being certain. Eloy, Standing on a street corner with a megaphone telling others that they will burn in an imaginary Hell to be punished for "sins" by an imaginary "god" is the height of arrogance.

Actions done in love to others cannot be argued against. To tell others that they are arrogant because they don't believe as you do is the definition of arrogance.Even today he mainfests himself to individuals as he whensoever he chooses.The foollsh whom say there is no God is equated to one saying there is no atheist whom posts here on this Christia Net website, totally and completely foolish. Along with prophecy ask your boyfriend why he does not believe. To just rush in without listening to the person can cause you to be trying to argue about something that does not matter to him. Prophecies in the Bible prove that the Bible was written by no less than God himself through mankind.Explain to him that the Christian life is the very best life, for a godly life is much better than a worldly life without God.And we have the promise of life everlasting with our Lord in heaven whereas the sinner's life is promised woe and eternal separation from God.It's sort of a deal breaker for me but I'm hoping maybe there's still a chance.