If your cabinets are lack luster and dull, but the doors overall are in good shape, a simple change in kitchen hardware can make an enormous difference.

They are usually seen as something that is part of a country style kitchen or cottage kitchen, but they can be used in a traditional kitchen.

If your cabinets need a little more to freshen them up, then you might want to opt for a mini makeover of a sort.

If your doors are either stained or finished with polyurethane, you have to sand them down because the new stain cannot go through the old one.

While you have to sand them down completely, you have to make sure that you are using care and caution as to not damage a door that may be thinner.

Using the details from today's trends, will make your kitchen look up to date.

A Transplant, per se: If the doors of your kitchen cabinets are in a condition that is beyond repair, instead replacing the kitchen cabinets you should consider just getting new cabinet doors.If you have already installed your hardware here are a few tricks as to how you may keep it paint-free: remove it, cover it in painters tape, or you can just cover them in petroleum jelly so the paint will just roll off with ease.You can always just bring it to a professional painter who can finish the job for you for a pretty reasonable price.Your kitchen cabinets are the biggest tellers of your kitchen's age.It is, no doubt, that the cabinets are the most overwhelming feature of the whole kitchen.You can find a good place to get cabinet doors by simply looking for "Kitchen Cabinets" in your local Yellow Pages.