So, while I had hoped that he would be the first, I braced myself to be angry and disappointed once again with the church.

But I was not all prepared for what I experienced when I attended the thesis screening for became a bestseller.

I was so angry with these messages that I resolved to never read this book.

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Over 70% of the thousands of ratings this book has gotten are 4 or 5 stars, and it’s still relevant, still influential. However, the rest of the foreward is dedicated to how he didn’t kiss his wife until they were at the altar together, and that’s a pretty significant .

“Showing God’s love in my relationships” doesn’t necessarily equal “I don’t kiss my girlfriend,” but that’s an idea that’s going to get lost a lot in the next 200 pages.

Now a husband and father of three, Harris takes a second look at some of his earlier assumptions and considers how he would say things differently if given the opportunity.

Day 1 of 3: Joshua Harris, author of the book, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye," takes a second look at some of his earlier assumptions and considers how he would say things differently if given the opportunity....

I heard them tell me that dating was "divorce in training." I heard them tell me that saving my first kiss for my wedding day was perhaps the holiest choice I could make to preserve my purity.

I heard that allowing myself to develop feelings for a man who was not my husband was sinful because it would mean that I couldn't give my whole heart to my husband one day.

Because of all of that, I’m going to do my best to keep in mind that what he said in 1997 may not represent his views now (although I am working with the updated 2003 edition). Joshua writes, “Every relationship for a Christian is an opportunity to love another person as God loved us.” That sums up the book’s message Once we embrace this principle, the rest is just details. I’m going to end up massively disagreeing because the rest is almost absolutely not “just details.” I agree with the idea that every relationship is an opportunity to show the love of God to a person.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that although he might have matured and changed, his book is probably the most popular book on courtship (and possibly on Christian dating in general) , and on Amazon the recent reviews are even more glowing, including one that went up last week. I don’t disagree with that– what Christian could possibly say “no, relationships have nothing to do with us showing God’s love to people”?

About a year ago, Joshua Harris and his director, Jessica Van Der Wyngaard, announced that they were collaborating on a project together.

One that would show Joshua Harris reflecting on his best-selling book, .

Or would he be rewriting history and maintaining his innocence while arguing that others had abused his work?