When a Customer Address row is deleted, the corresponding Grid View row disappears.

For information about how to set up the Adventure Works LT database, see How to: Set Up an Adventure Works LT Sample Database for ASP.

Could you please post the ASP code for the Grid View... This Template Field tells the Grid View how to display the data that it's bound to. The reason is because an Active X control would be required in order to display the Message Box.

Hello, I am using and the SQLData Adapter to display a query results from MS SQL into a datagridview so that the user can make changes the data and update it accordingly.

They prefer the table view as its quick than using a form so I am just testing at this stage.

Hello - This is my first time on this site and I have already visited the Ukraine in November of 2013.

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The SQL Server is not designed to help you with this since it does not provide a way for one session to immediately notify other sessions.

Inter Process Communication There are multiple IPC technologies available to you so it depends on how your application is deployed as to which ones you can use.

If you don't do this then 2 columns will appear for the "name" column: one automatically generated, and the other displayed in the Template Field) For example: Now, regarding the Message Box, it will work ok in Internet Explorer but it will not work in any other browser. Active X controls are not trusted and many users have them turned off...which means that the end user is unlikely to be able to see the message box.

I recommend placing a Label on the page and setting it's Text to any error messages instead of using the Windows.

My problem is if person A loads the data, then person B does it just after.