"Soft Touch" is a song by English rock musician George Harrison from his 1979 album George Harrison.

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He also cites "Soft Touch" as an example of Harrison adopting a less American sound in his work; referring to Ray Cooper's conga playing on the track, Leng writes: "he sounds English, not Cuban; like Cooper, not Armando Peraza." In an interview with Mick Brown, for Rolling Stone, Harrison said he was pleased with all the songs on the album but identified "Soft Touch" and "If You Believe" as the ones he was least impressed by.

He said that "Soft Touch" was "just pleasant but there's nothing special about it, I feel." The title of the song was adopted for an international Harrison fanzine that was produced in Glasgow.

Inglis describes the narrative as a mix of "warm contentment", through phrases such as "eyes that shine", "treetops whisper" and "a new moon", and the idyllic surroundings, evoked through the references to ocean waves and sailing.

while author Alan Clayson considers it to be more evocative of Maui than other tracks on the album, with the song "transmitt[ing] the blue curvature of the ocean" through the "swoop" of Harrison's guitar riffs.The publication turned its scope to cover all the former Beatles in the early 1980s, however, due to Harrison's withdrawal from the public eye following John Lennon's murder in New York.Leng views "Soft Touch" as another "instalment of South Seas bliss" from Harrison and indicative of the artist's avoidance of all contemporary musical trends on his self-titled 1979 album.He didn't appear in season 2 or 3, although he was mentioned by Zane at the start of season 3 when he states that he bought the closed down Juice Net Café and renamed it Rikki's Café. Trumble • Naia • Nate • Ned • Neil Gilbert • Nerissa • Ollie • Rob Blakely • Ryan Tate • Samantha Sertori • Sophie Benjamin • Terry Chadwick (MA) • Tiffany • Uncle Shen • Veridia • Wilfred • White Mermaid Alyssa • Angela • Barry Rollins • Barry's Girl • Ben • Billy • Canadian Mermaid • Chris (JAW) • Coach Norris • Corey • Eddie • Emily Chan • Erica • Eva • George Chan • Grandma Gilbert • Gus • Hannah • Harry • Humphries • Jake • Jodie • Johnno • June Chan • Karl (JAW) • Kyle • Kylie • Lenny Mc Cartney • Libby Mc Intyre • Maya • Miranda Holt • Ms.Ash • Cam Mitchell • Cleo Sertori (MA) • David • Emma Gilbert (MA) • Erik • Evie Mc Laren • Isabella Hartley • Lewis Mc Cartney (MA) • Lyla • Mimmi • Nixie • Ondina • Rikki Chadwick (MA) • Rita Santos • Sirena • Will Benjamin • Zac Blakely • Zane Bennett (MA) • Weilan Amaris • Amber • Annette Watsford • Aquata • Aurora • Ava • Bev Sertori • Byron (MA) • Candy • Carly Morgan • Charlotte Watsford • Chinese Mermaid • Chris (MIS) • Donald Sertori • Doug Mc Laren • Dr. Linda Denman and put things in perspective for his father, Harrison pulled out of the project and turned over a new leaf, wanting to be a better father to Zane.