“We announced we’ll invest more aggressively in…electric technology in premium motorcycles,” Harley Davidson CEO Matt Levatich said on the company’s recent earnings call.“You’ve heard us talk about Project Live Wire…it’s an active project we’re preparing to bring to market .” The Milwaukee based company didn’t provide much more detail on its e-motorcycle plans.

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The Yesterdays crew at Historic Harley-Davidson® works on restoration projects from October through March each year.

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The small, but dedicated Yesterdays staff utilizes its vast knowledge and experience to produce two-wheel art.

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Now the bank wants it back and they are unstoppable.

Is everything lost for Harley and Marlboro, the two well-meaning but amateurish thieves?

specializes in accurately restoring Harley-Davidson® motorcycles dating from 1903 to 1984.

We offer services ranging from commissioned work on customer bikes to finding, procuring and restoring certain years and models for customer purchase.

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Bruce Willis was considered to play Harley Davidson in the hopes he would reunite with his good friend Don Johnson.