Granny Smith is named and colored after the apple cultivar.

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Bright Mac (son)Pear Butter (daughter-in-law)Applejack (granddaughter)Apple Bloom (granddaughter)Big Mc Intosh (grandson)Apple Rose (cousin)Auntie Applesauce (aunt)Goldie Delicious (cousin)Apple family Tabitha St.

Germain (English)Eva-Maria Werth (German)Graziella Porta (Italian)Asami Yoshida (Japanese)Yang Jung-hwa (Korean)Ilona Kuśmierska (Polish, seasons 1-3)Elżbieta Gaertner (Polish, seasons 4-7)Zaíra Zordan (Brazilian Portuguese)Andressa Andreatto (Brazilian Portuguese, younger)Corina Cernea (Romanian)Larisa Brokhman (Russian, seasons 1-3)Yelena Chebaturkina (Russian, season 4)Olga Golovanova (Russian, season 5 except S5E21)Olga Shorokhova (Russian, S5E21)Diana Alonso (Latin American Spanish)Karina Altamirano (Latin American Spanish, younger)Zara Zimmerman (Swedish)Olena Blinnikova (Ukrainian, seasons 1-2)Valentyna Sova (Ukrainian, seasons 3-4)Iryna Doroshenko (Ukrainian, season 5) Granny Smith is an elderly Earth pony.

In fact, her design is very similar to the concept art of Applejack by Lauren Faust.

The most noticeable difference between the two, aside from their differing cutie marks and color schemes, is their hair: the young Granny Smith wore her mane and her tail in an extremely intricate braid.

Granny Smith tells her granddaughters that they've been hosting the reunions at Sweet Apple Acres "every hundred" moons since they've settled down in Ponyville.

Apple Bloom points out a picture of Granny Smith and two other mares working on a quilt.

She extorts a gem from Spike in exchange for her silence.

She makes another cameo in Magical Mystery Cure, after Applejack restores the farm.

This episode is the first time Granny Smith appears as a young mare.