Today, professional player-promoted golf equipment sales drive the market.However, few golfers play like the pros or have the hours each day to practice.The 1 and 2 irons were the same length; the 3 and 4 were shorter but of equal length, and so on.

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The company reduced 8 separate swing planes into fewer swing planes.

The company knew simplification could improve the average golfer's game.

Some clubs are left as is particularly wedges designed to 'rust'.

Some technical background on golf equipment can be found on a related website

Classic golf clubs have known trademarks although some very high quality equipment is lesser known.

Original offering price has little effect on current desireability or value.

He was a ninety shooter but yet an avid player that seriously tried his best.

We came in 4th place, but talking, walking and strategizing golf with a true legend in a major sport, was an unforgettable experience.

He was a quiet man and not one to boast on his accomplishments - a true gentleman and classy person.

Even his teaching Paul Newman shotmaking for 'The Hustler' seemed uneventful in our conversations.

Very large driver heads allow players to mis-strike shots by an inch or more and still achieve a reasonable outcome.