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Pennsylvania has been the labora-tory in which many important experiments in sociology, religion, and government have been performed.

Only those which have some bearing upon prog-ress should be emphasized by the teacher.

Implicit in the notion that an apartment like mine can “be gay”—and that you, despite any politically correct training against saying so, could easily recognize it as such—is an understanding of gayness as something more than a basic sexual orientation.

Local history has an appeal not easily found in works covering a larger sphere.

According to Heckewelder,l the Moravian mis-sionary, the Indians of the Delaware Valley came from beyond the Mississippi, and after years of wandering and fighting, arrived in the land where the white man found them.

To make these relations clear to the pupil it has often been necessary to mention events which have occurred in other states.

Some scholars assert that "homosexuality" as a discrete identity is a very modern western construction (although the dates suggested by these scholars vary considerably).

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The concept of a “gay apartment,” like “gay literature” or “gay mannerisms,” suggests that gayness also comprises a set of markers or values or practices that manifest themselves in the spaces and objects and relationships that gay men create.(While cultural gayness, as I’ll try to define it here, is not the exclusive province of men, their history as its most visible advocates will necessarily bias this piece.) If you believe White and Bartlett as I do, gayness may be found not just in whom you sleep with, but also, perhaps, in the sort of sheets you insist on sleeping between.