There is no satisfactory NDT method to determine the extent of the corrosion.There is no "damage tolerance" for corrosion in the area.Looking for that one woman who can make everything that much better.

WING INSPECTIONS EYED FOR HIGH-WING CESSNAS The president of the Cessna Skymasters Owners and Pilots Association says thousands of Cessna high-wing aircraft could be affected by a potentially expensive new wing inspection procedure proposed by the company.

Herb Harney told AVweb the Supplemental Inspection Documents (SIDs) now being prepared by Cessna will require the removal of the wings of Cessna 336 and 337 push/pull twins, to check wing attach and strut attach bolt fittings for cracks and corrosion. S., the inspections will be voluntary but those in Part 135 service will be guided by the standard operating procedures of the operator.

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So If you operate in charter or RPT SID'S is mandated. Now I can also confirm that many C310 owners, charter or otherwise, have not completed the SID's programme on their aircraft.

This gives them an unfair advantage over operators who have. No they won't and please don't ask why as I do not know.

High wing Cessnas have been flying for 60 years and the main reason they crash has nothing to do with corrosion or airworthiness of any kind.

If CASA do decide to cover their arses on this one in the name of airworthiness, it will be another sad day for Aussie GA.

Must say though it would be interesting to know why Cessna went for the 336/7 and not the unstruted 210/177 first off.

Folks, This problem has been a around for a long time --- in Australia. A major area to be checked for corrosion is the built up spar from the main wing attach point to the strut attach point (non-strutted Cessna singles, 195/177/210, have a completely different structure), hence the estimated cost.

However if there were any type of incident resulting in death or injury in an aircraft that is not compliant, kiss your house and any other assets that you may have, goodbye.