What struck me most about her, was her ease and kindness.

She told me her key was "waking up each day and thanking Jesus for loving me and thanking Him for all he has done." That practice, in that order, is one to be copied..

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There’s a yearly album (Hillsong Worship), a supergroup (Hillsong UNITED, which has released 11 albums), as well as the Grammy-nominated group Young & Free, an Aussie collective that evolved out of youth ministry.

Both groups have made appearances on the Billboard Christian rock charts, regularly tour the US.

We just believe that our church would be a home to everybody.

The faceless and the famous.” But why is Hillsong such an A-list magnet?

Today, with 100,000 parishioners in Australia attending services each week and locations dotting urban centers all over the world (London, Paris, Moscow, San Fran, Buenos Aires), Hillsong's theology is defined as “contemporary Pentecostal.” A fast-growing stream of Christianity, contemporary Pentecostalism is Bible-based (specifically, Hillsong considers the tome “accurate, authoritative and applicable” to modern-day life) and there is a focus on individual relationships with Jesus through baptism. I love my family, although it's impossible to get a photo w/ out one child doing something random..(actually impressive that Roman timed his DAB that perfectly..) I love our @hillsongnyc family, more than articulation allows for..

A dozen pastors call Hillsong home, but Carl Lentz is the only one to be profiled in (and photographed with the Jardashians, Hailey Baldwin, JAY-Z, and Lil Wayne). Just one of those days you are grateful for Gods grace in general..

Part empathy, part opportunity: Lentz said that he elite athletes are drawn to him because he understands the pressures and pitfalls of high-calibre play — and that he recognizes celebrities are often isolated and spiritually neglected.

Through Carl Lentz’s friendship with Judah Smith (the City Church pastor who counts Russell Wilson as a follower), he became more immersed in the sports and celebrity world, which led to him meeting Justin a decade ago.

Even just a few days away w/ this girl @lauralentz reminds me how lucky I am to spend ANY day in this LIFE w/ her.. Have missed @hillsongnyc dearly and tomorrow is gonna be epic.. Together, the Lentzs are the spiritual force behind Hillsong New York, launched in 2010 and now a 6,000-strong parish, a crowd Lentz estimates is mostly peeps in their 20s and 30s. It's a win..learned a lot this morning from @easymoneysniper @aharri21...what's discussed in private typically gets embodied in public..#talkrightwalkright A post shared by Carl Lentz (@carllentz) on He is often namechecked by NBA superstars like Carmelo Anthony, Jeremy Lin and Kevin Durant (whom he baptized a spot unique to Hillsong -- the Gansevoort’s rooftop pool).