By default CCS uses the proxy configurations set by the operating system, but sometimes this may need to be set manually.CCS allows you to manage the sites/servers/repositories searched during a manual or automatic update.

Note: in the case of compiler tools, it will show the latest minor releases of all the major streams.

As an example, if this box is unchecked the result shows all streams of 5.2.x (5.2.0 is the only one available) and all streams of 5.1.x (5.1.9, 5.1.8, etc.): If you need to install an entirely new feature or add a component to an existing CCS installation, such as adding support for a new processor family that was not previously installed or adding a new JTAG debugger family or manufacturer, you will have to run the CCS installer again.

Alternatively, a specific plug-in or update site can be selected by going to menu Help -- Installing new software is the way CCS and Eclipse define a feature or capability that is not yet currently installed.

This feature or capability can be a new major version stream of the compiler (5.x if you only have 4.x installed, for example) Note: if you need to install an entire new feature such as a new device family that was not selected during initial install, or a new JTAG debugger family or manufacturer, check the Installing an entirely new feature section below.

You may need to wait for the connection to become stable in case you notice that it is not.

Stable internet connection is important while trying to Install pending updates in Windows.

If you see one of these messages and need help updating or restoring your i OS device, install the latest version of i Tunes and try to update or restore again. After you update i Tunes to the latest version, check the hosts file to make sure your computer can contact the update server. This helps to make sure there aren't issues with your computer that might stop i Tunes from communicating with the update server.

Windows If you’re using a Windows computer, follow the steps from the Microsoft support site. Errors 1639, 3000-3020, and 3100-3999 (with the exception of 3194) are sometimes caused by your network settings.

Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability.

Error Code 0x80070002 is one of the most common Windows errors you may encounter while using any version of Windows operating systems.

These settings can be changed via the Preferences dialog by going to Windows -- You can also manually check for updates, which is useful if you recently added a update site, repository or simply disabled the Automatic verification and prefers doing it at your own convenience. This will parse all the pre-configured update sites at the section Managing Update Sites/Server section below and bring up a list of available updates.