Their ideal partners are open-minded, intellectual, and confident, for the ENTP quickly becomes bored with someone who cannot match their wit.

Some may be very flirtatious while others may be hesitant to show their cards.

During a Relationship When ENTPs form relationships, they can bond very closely and suddenly with their partners.

They are usually good at coming up with creative solutions to solve interpersonal problems. They are usually in good mood and easily entertained.

They encourage their partners to follow their ambitions, and they wish to have the same support.

Depending on the ENTP's instincts, some male ones have the potential to be "playboys", jumping from partner to partner because they enjoy each new experience.

Due to different gender norms, female ENTPs vary in their audacity.

Sex Sex to the ENTP is a physical act that symbolizes intimacy, rather than an act that directly provides intimacy.

They tend to enjoy spontaneity and new experiences, though they are more fun in nature than fantastical.

Specifically, they are most suitable with those who have strong Introverted Intuitive functions, such as the INFJ and the INTJ. ENTPs bring spontaneity and new ways to interact with the world to the INFJ.