Consumers, patients or seniors also have the option to be communicating in our health social environment where they can receive support from care friends.

When you have to reach or manage millions of customers then you need a more powerful system to get the work done, and patient data also need to be shared securely with healthcare providers.

Pregnancies can be high-risk for many reasons, such as twins, triplets, or multiple fetuses, due to a heightened chance of premature labor.

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Digital health is the integration of digital and genomic technologies with health, healthcare, lifestyle, and social networks that enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery and personal medicine [1].

Innovation in this field has improved clinical outcomes and reduced cost of treatment.

Carolyn, a baby-boomer aged mother, who is discharged from the hospital after abdominal surgery.

She has been hospitalized for several days, and is still in constant pain, requiring regular doses of pain medication…

Individuals are becoming more concerned of their own health and the need to be proactive.

With digital services being readily available, individual are now demanding access to their personal health information and looking to instantly and securely share their health information with their care providers...

As healthcare becomes more digitized, pharma companies are transforming to remain competitive by rethinking their business and operating models, their cultures and capabilities, and adopting policies that nurture innovation and courageous strategic moves [2].

Patients have become less passive recipients of therapies, and are starting to control their own health treatments by providing their doctors with more information, home-measured parameters, which allows for an informed opinion about how they should be treated [3].

Healthcare regulations are pushing the industry to move towards better storage, collaboration and data sharing in the cloud.

It allows safe exchange of data between two parties and also transforms data into meaningful information to make valuable decision in future.

The Dyno, from Dyno Sense Corp., is an integrated remote health scanner which can capture a wide range of health metrics from the pregnant woman in her home.