You will end up spending the whole time you’re shopping carrying around bags and checking your phone.

Hours could end up seeming like days when you’re stranded in a department store! You’re much better off taking her to the beach or to see a movie. Even if you’re strapped for cash, you shouldn’t resort to a shady motel for a hookup spot. To start off with, you could really hurt your image with your mistress.

Taking your lovely lady friend out and about is a lot of fun.

You’ll almost never leave satisfied when you do this. Under no circumstances should you think about bringing your mistress back to your place.

Even if your wife is away at work, it’s not worth it, not even if you have a king-sized waterbed.

No luxury is worth the risk of being walked in on and caught in the act.

What happens if your wife comes home early and catches you?

She admitted: ‘I can imagine what it must have been like for you, living in that small town. As he came in each night he would have told you about how hard it is with a baby at home, how he wasn’t getting much attention.

One night a good looking guy comes into your bar for a drink. ‘All you had to do was listen to him, give him what he said I wasn’t, and soon enough he was yours.

Not only will the sex be ruined, but your marriage could be, too.

It’s even risky to bring your mistress home when your wife is out of town. Avoid the problems this creates by simply not doing this at all.

I wonder whether you refer to him as your ex-boyfriend now.

It’s so bizarre for me to think that this man I know so intimately had this significant other person in his life that I didn’t know about.’ Carlie had no idea that her husband was playing away. We had a six-month-old baby and he was away a lot with work.

Carlie said: ‘I was once a cute blonde in a short skirt behind the bar at his favourite pub.