These codes are controversial where ever they are enforced.

People tend to think that the government does not have the power to tell them they cannot wear certain articles of clothing and the fact that some schools do it can throw people into a fit.

If there is no change made to the student dress code, than the school must enforce every rule of the dress conduct to every student and staff member....

At the same time, many school officials will argue of the improvements in education and performances brought in from the schools due to implementing school uniforms.

Even though many students dislike the idea of having to wear only certain approved clothing every day, supporters of uniforms hold value in the improvements uniforms brings into education; ultimately, varying opinions about school uniforms deserve to be respected.... The dress code is believed to create a similar and simpler environment so that everyone is considered equal.

- No matter what state you live in virtually everywhere schools have a uniform or dress code policy.

In the last few years the percentage of schools requiring a uniform has gone up almost ten percent, making the total of public and private schools with a uniform policy at about 23 percent.

In 1987, Cherry Hill Elementary in Baltimore, Maryland implemented the first uniform system to combat bullying.

A case study on the effects of adopting school uniforms in Long Beach, CA, appearing in Psychology Today in September, 1999, found: “schools suspensions dropped by 90% and reported bullying went down 78%”.

All schools should require students to wear a uniform because they are less expensive and cause less conflict and distraction among students....

[tags: argumentative essay] - Every year parents, students and teachers argue about the issue of applying school uniform, and if it is going to be put into effect or not. Year after year, to help stop violent behavior and encourage order in schools, dress codes are applied.

Does the fact of students having to wear a certain dress code reduce the violent behavior and encourage order in schools.