A lot of times, I’d still be wondering what I did wrong and he would already have forgotten the original event that started the squabble. You don’t become a nurse without realizing there are going to be a lot of times when you are doing something for other people.

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One friend in particular with PTSD acted hot and cold, changed or canceled plans and was often moody.

You might wonder what you did or said to upset him or make him angry and hours later he was back to a more cheerful self. My nature is one of a giving person, which most nurses are.

Above all, know when to walk away, temporarily or permanently.

Those with PTSD are not alone but neither are the people who love them.

The past couple of days he has been going through a rough spell.

I don't know a whole lot about PTSD and would like some advice on what to expect and not to expcet. I am seriously thinking about making a commitment with this man.Even though you do not live with PTSD, you become stressed.Often it is a domino effect, causing cascading events to blow up into dramatic incidents.When your loved one is anxious, it almost spreads, causing you to act differently.They can experience panic and fear when you least expect it.Something so small can expand into a huge argument.