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Link: https:// this Episode we talk to guest Angel Donovan from Dating Skills Review119| How Do You Date A Girl Who Is Not Over Her Ex?

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All it takes is a handful of valuable dating dos and don’ts to making guys actively seek your attention and give you the time of day! He Said, She Said Episode #7 Manwhore and Jessica discuss MW’s date that resulted in him getting laid, but ended with him ditching the girl because she began playing “pussy power” games. In this latest podcast episode, we’ll cover the basic dating skills you need to know to help you be at your most attractive!He Said, She Said Episode #8 Manwhore and Jessica discuss text game! Jessica weighs in with an extremely unique & educational perspective 😉 He Said, She Said Episode #6 Proper sexual escalation on dates, how women screw up their own dating lives, Lulu and double standards are discussed!Each episode Angel interviews carefully selected experts from across the world, chosen for the quality of their advice and insights.