Cold winter temperatures tell cherry trees to go dormant.

In the eastern United States, after 221 degrees of warmth has accumulated over a certain number of days, the species has evolved to know it’s time to bloom, which allows it to spread pollen and procreate. Geological Survey ecologist and the executive director of the USA National Phenology Network, said warmer temperatures are pushing many plant species to blossom earlier across the country.

Although unseasonably warm weather may lift people’s spirits, an earlier spring also affects pollen levels, can rush the arrival of pests like ticks and mosquitoes, and may put crops at risk from late spring frosts ( found that by the end of the 21st century, if climate change continues unchecked, peak cherry blossoms could consistently arrive a month early.

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“Lots of people already have their airplane tickets, and they’re bummed,” Weltzin said.

This year’s National Cherry Blossom Festival was scheduled for March 20 to April 9. In light of the new projections, Diana Mayhew, president of the festival, said organizers have moved the four-week celebration up five days, to March 15. Mayhew expressed optimism that a longer spring could bring more visitors to Washington.

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More than 100 performances are being rescheduled as a result, she said. “The festival’s responsibility has always been to celebrate spring beginning with the blossoms,” she said.

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“Our scientists and any meteorologist will tell you the same thing: Blossoming depends first and foremost on the weather,” he said.