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By providing shade from the heat of the sun, giving us wood products, and turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, trees play an important role in our society and the Earth’s ecosystem.

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This use of tree-ring dating to find the age of a tree is also known as dendrochronology.

Researchers can also learn about what a tree endured during a particular year by the condition of the ring they are studying.

There are two possible ways to access the rings of a tree so that they can be counted. Of course, this will kill the tree, so it is not recommended as a method for tree dating unless the tree is already dead or if there is no other way of accessing the information.

The second method of accessing the rings of a tree for counting is to take a core sample of the tree trunk.

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The center of these circles, or the absolute core of the tree, is known as the pith.

Since each ring corresponds to roughly one year of growth, making it possible to get a highly accurate estimate of a tree’s age.

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