It generally migrated between northern Canada and Siberia, and has occasionally moved in other directions.The rate of shift of the magnetic pole is on the increase and it seems that in the past decade alone, it had moved a distance close to the distance it had moved in the whole of the past century.Looking at the sediment records of the Earth’s magnetic field at the time, scientists used carbon dating to track changes in the magnetic field.

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Some researchers think this may presage a magnetic reversal, in which the north and south magnetic poles flip.

However, this does not justify why the strength of the magnetic field is weakening.

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However, upon closer inspection it seems that the melting of the Ice Cap is uneven along its perimeter.

In fact, when you look deeper at the area encircled in red, it is clear that the ice is building towards Siberia and is moving away from Canada.

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According to Fernando Domínguez-Castro, who was carrying research at the University of Extremadura, the study has brought to light key data that better interpret the current climate change.