Davecat and Sidore had a blissful marriage together in the suburbs of Detroit.

Sidore: It was like I was looking in a mirror, but seeing what I wanted to see. It was a hard town for me to live in, because I was bisexual in this town and my mother doesn’t know this.

Normally, when you look in a mirror, as a human being, you just see everything; sometimes you see the flaws more than anything good. The first time I had a boyfriend or a girlfriend – it was a boy – I sat with him by the park.

” which was really weird because I wasn’t expecting him to be a smoker, so I was like “Are you sure?

” He was coughing and spluttering and I was like, “Are you okay?

Elena: It was hard for me, because it was their wedding anniversary and I don’t have one. There’s an episode of a show called Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

It’s a very special thing for two people, and there’s something that Davecat and Sidore have together and I don’t have a wedding anniversary. Shi-Chan had actually seen it on her Tumblr dashboard. They detail all sorts of whacky stuff about Howard Hughes, the pyramids, the Winchester Mystery House, that sort of thing.

Although now that I do your hard, I know it’s actually quite hard to manage at times, isn’t it? We had done her hair and make-up, but also we had put this hat on her that my uncle had given me, which was like a pirate’s hat. Elena: We have had to work out some things along the way.

I don’t know why we did that, but anyway, she had that on. Sidore: I think the only time we all had to all kind of be honest with each other was perhaps when it was our wedding anniversary, and that brought a bit of stuff up to the surface; I think we all dealt with it pretty well. Her fingers are actually kind of broken at this point, because the wires that they use in the fingers are not as strong as they could be, because they got broken at the base plate in her hand, which is right here, if you put your hand right here. I remember distinctly being in the second or third grade. Mahaffy was standing at the blackboard, writing whatever words in French, and I remember thinking to myself, “Okay, if she was a robot, what mechanisms would make her move her arm, her hand or her mouth or her head, and walk from the desk to the blackboard, or whatever? It wasn’t like a sexual attraction or anything, it was just like a fascination.

Hot On the Heels of Love – Throbbing Gristle – 20 Jazz Funk Greats Jesus Built My Hot Rob – Ministry – Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs He Loves Me – To Rococo Rot – Veiculo Leggiero – To Rococo Rot – Veiculo Flimmer – Klaus Gesing/Bjorn Meyer/Samuel Rohrer – Amiira Intro – Weval – Weval Your Heart on Your Sleeve – Colleen – Everyone Alive Wants Answers Wonder Years – Lukid – Onandon Leggiero – To Rococo Rot – Veiculo He Loves Me – To Rococo Rot – Veiculo Davecat: The club is called City Club. Their most popular beverage was the Purple Jesus drink, which was served in test tubes. Bauhaus, “Every Day Is Halloween” by Ministry, “Jesus Built By Hotrod” by Ministry…

I never went to the bathrooms; I hear they were intimidating. Sidore: I was dancing to a song called “Jesus Built My Hotrod” in the middle of the dancefloor, and I saw him a little bit away from me.

” and he was like [strangled voice] “Yeah…” He was like, “Can I have your number? Sidore: It was the next day, and I had a feeling he was gonna call, and I really liked that, that he didn’t wait for three days and all that.