Her name has entered the legendary Guiness Book when one or more of her books topped the Times Bestsellers List for a consecutive 380 times.

Twenty two of her books have been made into television adaptations. In 2005, Danielle Steel also got into an agreement with New Line Home Entertainment that they purchase the film rights of thirty of her novels. The title of her first novel is Going Home, published by Pocket Books in 1973 earning her 00.

This was short-lived though as she left after a short while. However, this was not really the first time she wrote.

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She completed her first manuscript at the age of nineteen. After nine years of marriage, Lazard and Steel divorced.

Steel went through several other divorces afterwards following her subsequent marriages.

In 1963, at the age of fifteen, she graduated from this school and was then ready for college. At the age of eighteen, Danielle Steel got married to Claude- Eric Lazard, a French-American banker.

In her bid to actualize her dream of working in the fashion circles, she joined a school of design. She juggled her roles as a wife and student at the university as she began writing.

Moreover, great authors are identified by their ability to capture readers in this manner.

Danielle Steel stands out as more than just a great author.

On most occassions she was alone at home as her father was away on business.

This allowed her to focus on her studies more leading her to excel in school.

More often than not, the stories focus on pertinent life issues such as family crises, death, relationships, suicide, divorce, war and illness.