He has brought daughters Haley and Samantha on the show, as well as a childhood friend Mc Cormick, who departed in 2013.Again, this is pure speculation, but I doubt Hawes would want an unknown person on . She is known to the audience, and is a strong female, but she has said she previously turned down offers to return to the show.

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Syfy has not released a statement about the Bruni/Berry departure.

But this apparent feuding on social media could present a problem for the network.

And although the show is likely winding down, or at least closer to its end than its beginning, it's a safe bet that Syfy would want to do something big to support that.

For instance, previously there have been live investigations for Halloween, and a 2010 special in front of a live studio audience at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City celebrated its 100th episode.

Pilgrim Studios, posted a casting call for investigators on its website yesterday.

The notice was for show within the "franchise," but my guess is it's for the flagship.

Although it has moved away from paranormal programming, was once Syfy's favorite child.

The show will celebrate its 200th episode, and tenth anniversary, in October.

"But loooking ahead has me so excited for everything the future holds," she said.

"Adam and I have so many exciting projects, on screen and off that we're working on, I don't think anyone will have too much time to miss us." Except maybe the production company.

They In very similarly worded statements they mentioned an "unpredictable schedule" and the toll the show took on their family.