Dating multiple people at once is something I don't like.

I'll stop dating someone if I know they are seeing/dating other people.

Sitting through a dinner is just bleh without a good conversation partner. When I ask you out for a date, I'll be paying.

No, I'm not inviting you over so we can head over to my bed once we've had some drinks. How did it end up with the guy who lied about his age?

I've never seen not having sex on a first date as a sign of disinterest, and any guy that does is someone you'll want to stay away from. :-)Apart from the splitting the bill-part, this seems spot on to me. Also, I think a lot of guys love when you ask for a second date.

Don't forget the Dutch are pretty open and blunt, so there is no shame in just asking a date about this stuff, especially since you can do the 'inquisitive foreigner' thing ;)Have fun!

I don't know about other guys, but this is how I feel about it. The girls I get contact information from, either online of IRL, wait for me to make a first move.

Googling just leads to facetious blog posts and rants about stinginess and unromanticness of dutch people. When I was dating in other countries,, the advice was for men to make the move for second, third dates after the first one. If I ask a guy on a first date and had a nice time, is it ok to ask him out again or should I wait for him? I've initiated dates myself (both first and following dates).

But here are my questions: I know things are supposedly more egalitarian here, but who pays on the first date? Does the "Define the relationship" talk need to happen? Paying has been divers, but personally i've never been comfortable with being wined and dined.

I dated a student before, while i already had a job.

It always made sense to me to keep income in mind, either by doing cheap activities or just ordering whatever food i fancy and pay for it myself. When income isn't an issue i would either prefer to take turns or split the bill.

International student, mid 20s, female mostly dating men but also women.