Lily jumped to Harry to make sure he wouldn't get hurt, whilst the other four of you did your best to try to solve the issue, with only Remus actually successfully settling the blaze.By the time the fire had been put out, it had already wrecked enough of the table and the food that had been laid on top of it that it wasn't sanitary or reasonable to continue the meal there.His parents often chastise him for teasing his brother and James usually stops at their glares, suggesting that he knows not to push his boundaries with them.

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You didn't expect to be sat in your living room eating Chinese food on Christmas day, that wasn't what you had first anticipated to happen today.

Originally you had invited your boyfriend Sirius over for a festive meal.

James laughed when Albus almost toppled out of the VIP box cheering when Gonçalo Flores scored the first goal of the game, but his uncle Ron grabbed the back of his robes and saved him.

Due to James laughing, Daily Prophet correspondent Rita Skeeter (who was covering the match live with Ginny) suggested that he may have pushed Albus.

As soon as you'd served the food, you had all pulled your crackers, putting on your paper crowns so you all looked rightfully idiotic as was expected of anyone on Christmas day.

However, that was step one to the downfall of Christmas.

He also seems to have inherited his sense of humour and love of mischief from his two uncles, Fred and George Weasley.

He is also very much like his two namesakes, in his mischievous and trouble-making nature.

These one shots are for Marauders and Golden Trio era but not next gen.

You may request any ideas you would like us to write. Although your love for Christmas was beyond compare, this year you would have wished to pass the day rather than have to experience the hell you had to be a part of.

In the mix of excited conversation Sirius' hat fell from his head, landing into the flames of one of the candles you had set in the centre of the table.