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The festivals and holidays which attract the greatest number of domestic and international visitors include: Black and White Festival, January – A 3-day carnival held in the city of Pasto, in southeastern Colombia, showcases a mixture of indigenous rituals, Spanish colonial, and later Colombian and Afro-Colombian traditions and customs.

The pre-carnival stage begins on 28th December from which time there are widespread impromptu water fights throughout the city.

The height of the festival is a beauty pageant in which the ‘International Queen of Coffee’ is crowned.

Barranquilla Carnival, February – One of the biggest events in the Colombian social calendar, this 4-day festival has been awarded the status of a “Masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity" by UN cultural body UNESCO.

December is one of the most widely celebrated months, with the very onset of the month energetically celebrated in Medellín with fireworks and all-night parties.

, the Easter Holy Week, is also another important time, with a large proportion of the local population using these public holidays to visit domestic tourist sites.

Some of the largest and most popular events traditionally include: the , due to disagreements between event organizers and authorities over how to limit the disruption traditionally associated with this event.

Pacific Coast’s Folklife Festival, August - Buenaventura on the Pacific Coast plays host to this festival, celebrating the artistic and cultural diversity of the region.

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As a Catholic country, the most important celebrations are those held around Christmas and Easter time.