One of the corruption stories that I heard when I was there was that land mine cleaners were originally paid 25 euros per square meter they cleared. As a result, exploring the absolutely gorgeous Bosnian country side is genuinely dangerous. It has Olympic class skiing (literally - not we're just BSing you but we actually had some of the best Olympic Skiing of all time), stunning scenery, a pretty city, great food, wonderful booze, fun and friendly people, and gorgeous women. Fishing on numerous rivers and mountain creeks is also is very popular. Its about us lads going to a location for a short period of time 2-4 weeks, gaming and getting the leg over on the local talent.

Every year, a few people get blown up by landmines while hiking. Other things I've seen: skydiving, paragliding, wilderness exploring, mountain hiking, trekking, rafting, rolling solo, or with others, horseback riding, cave exploring, river source visiting, and just plain chillin' But I think there's very little in the way of organized activities. We dont want to go to place where we are cockblocked incessantly/intimidated or worse for gaming and ultimately smashing a local bird.

I'm liking what you're writing, but can you tell me about other activities to do other than chasing women and party?

(Mainichi) TUZLA, Bosnia-Herzegovina -- The third collection letter demanding that 64-year-old Semka Agic pay 3,000 convertible marks (roughly 200,000 yen) in legal fees was delivered to her home here in February.

Agic filed for compensation from the government for wartime damages -- but lost.

A young boy s emotional pain led him down the path of destruction.

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Around 2012, Agic filed a lawsuit for compensation from Republika Srpska, but the government dismissed the claim and instead demanded that she pay the legal fees. Serb women are also starting to push back against Srpska's stance.

They were the victims of sexual violence at the hands of Bosniaks.

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On the issue of providing damages to the victims of wartime sexual assault, opinion is polarized between the two.