I think there are some specialist forums on this subject on the internet. The culture in Albania is dramatically different to here in many ways so you are wise to be doing some research. Will entirely depend on the man in question but I found them to be very domineering and quite Victorian in beliefs at times.

Married one and had 2 kids with him but divorced as I could deal with his behaviour any more Sent from my i Phone using Netmums mobile app I was in a relationship with an Albanian man, we got married when I was 20 (met when I was 15) sadly we parted ways and divorced in 2012 it just wasn't meant to be. Anyway, as for his family they loved me we visited often and I got on with them in fact I have nothing bad to say about them.

I consider myself as being very loving, passionate, honest and loyal.

dating an albanian guy-34

He still wanted to sleep with me but I just can't handle it so we stopped everything.

I told him recently that I loved him and he was making a mistake marrying this other girl.

It's not easy for me to talk about myself, but a few things here that I think make me who I am and it is ..

i am fun, hardworking single mum of 1 beautiful boy who's 2.5, i am friendly down to earth lady who's looking for that someone special...

I am a 35 yrs old boy who is so crazy in love with life. I'm looking for someone to just hang out with, start a friendship and possibly something more. I love to watch movies and go out to eat, or have someone cook for..

Is the only relationship I can't cheat on :) For everything else there's a solution and I'm willing to find it with whoever will decide to walk among me...... hello girls my name is luan i'm 23 years old i'm from albania now i live in greece rhodes island i'm one good boy i hope too find any girl here to married because i want too change my life to start one new life far way f..

Every nationality and heritage has its perks, quirks, and flaws, but what about Italian men?

What sets them apart from the rest of the men you've dated in the past?

Even today we're still really good friends, weve both moved on.

I think it's an each to their own opinion, its different for everyone.

I ask this not because I wanna have sex with her but because I'm a christian and wondering if they similar views to sex as I do Would many albanian girls marry someone who isn't albanian? The Perks of Dating a Single Woman Dear Men, Women Want a Future, Not Your Money Plenty of Fish in the Cesspool: Online Dating Looks Aren't Everything...