It is also mountainous, with rocky beaches or dunes, affording a wide range of leisure options to enjoy.

Its towns and cities still bear the traces of ancient civilisations, such as the El Argar and Los Millares cultures, with a wealth of ancient buildings, such as the Alcazaba citadel in the city of Almería and the watchtowers and castles along the coast, a sign of this area’s historical importance.

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Become a teacher in Spain Many people consider teaching English in Spain and think that it will be an easy option. Firstly the market is saturated with teachers and secondly, you will need to be a qualified teacher. There are a lot of international schools that take on teachers from the UK, to teach all manner of subjects. You could always consider offering private English lessons.

Some Spanish families employ English people to give after-school English tutoring to their children.

Be a real estate agent in Spain Years ago, all real estate agencies were regulated and had to be qualified.

Nowadays that is not so and anyone can be a real estate agent.

Get a good name for yourself and you will keep busy.

Associated trades are also good to consider such as decorators, gardeners, plasterers and carpenters.

However, the property market in Spain is in recession and times are hard. You will need to advertise heavily to find new property listings and the internet will be your best source of enquiries, along with a shop window.

Thousands of real estate agents in Spain have folded in the last few years. Your website will have to be good though to compete with the thoudands that already exist.

Private IT teaching is good if you are qualified and experienced.

Computer repairs in Spain is great but you need to offer a reliable and quick service.

Some are already very successful examples, working in Spain and managed by English people as well as other nationalities. You will also need to do market research in your intended location.