It's actually very openly discussed in the community.""Sure not every moment is perfect. I mean don't most husbands want a wife up for anything? ""No, the orgasms are not better, but there are parts of my body that have increased in sensitivity like my neck.

Even though I can't "get there" like I used to, all the hot heavy feelings and emotions leading up to that are still there. There is a nerve called the vagus nerve that is associated with sexual pleasure and this nerve completely bypasses the spinal cord.

People with disabilities should be included, rather marginalized, in our consciousness surrounding who we can perceive as sexy and beautiful.

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If you see an attractive Woman in a wheelchair out at the bar and you think she's not capable of sex, you may not bother flirting.

Misconceptions are the reason I think some people with my injury are single. I was given a voice through the media and I intend to use it to educate people.

She, and other women with disabilities, may be in a wheelchair, but that doesn't make her any less sexy or worthy of love.

It is time that we construct a new narrative surrounding what it means to be a disabled female, one that embraces the beauty and diversity of all women, as well as their dignity and autonomy as sexual beings.

“Why waste your time harping on insignificant things?

” she asks, “Believe in defining your life by the positive moments and not the negative.”I sat down with her to talk about an issue that many people wonder about, but are too afraid to discuss due to misconceptions: her sex life.A person having a good sex life with some paralysis is not unheard of.I play wheelchair rugby and a lot of the guys have gotten married and had babies.I know people have a hard time talking about sexuality.But I don't."Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?One moment gone terribly wrong and it’s all different. She hit the bottom of the pool head first, breaking her neck and causing a severe spinal cord injury. She was now paralyzed from the chest down and would be a quadriplegic for the rest of her life. Within a year she had appeared on The Today Show, Headline News, MSNBC, Inside Edition and numerous news outlets both nationally and internationally to share her story of love, commitment, loyalty, and perseverance.